1:1 Coaching

8-week, 12-week & 6-month sessions available

Ready To Dig In?

• One weekly 50-minute 1:1 coaching session
• Follow-up email detailing the session and the week’s priorities & practices
• Messaging with Beth via Voxer or WhatsApp
• Two books delivered to your home (or electronically) + lots of additional resources

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Single Catalyst Session

1.5 Hours

Looking For A Quick Fix?

A one-time,1.5-hour, 1:1 coaching session focused around your largest current need. We'll take an in-depth look at what you're currently working on to see what we can discover. It’s a great opportunity to gain some insight and direction, and for us to connect and figure out if we want to do additional work together, whether it be a bioenergetic scan, an upcoming group session, or additional 1:1 coaching.

All 1:1 coaching sessions take place virtually (Zoom, FaceTime, Google Duo, etc.) and are available to you from anywhere in the world.

Have questions? Want the exact digits? More details? Book your Free Connection Call today! Or shoot me an email: beth@bethpurcell.com

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App-Based Support Coaching

Don't Need a Structured Coaching Program?

For those of you seeking a flexible, low-cost & convenient solution to make a desired change, consider exploring my app-based support option. With unlimited check-ins, you'll have constant access to guidance, encouragement & accountability - right at your fingertips. Walkie-talkie sessions take place via Voxer or Whatsapp. Although there is a 24-hour window for a reply from me, you'll typically receive a reply within a few hours, often sooner!

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Bioenergetic Assessment

& Personalized Balancing Remedy

Seeking Balance?

Using Qest4 technology, we’ll gain insight into specific energetic imbalances and blockages that may be impacting you in various ways (including detox, hormones, nutrients, emotions, meridians, etc.). We’ll use this information to create a personalized remedy tailored to your specific needs. Of specific interest to those examining their relationship with alcohol is the "AF Assist" Scan:

“AF Assist” Scan
• AF (Alcohol Free) Assist Scan: A single scan focused on getting your body back on track while taking a break from, or giving up, alcohol. The test focuses on the liver, lymphatic system, emotions, meridians & more.
+ 1 Individualized Imprinted Quartz Crystal

Qest Scans can be done REMOTELY - you need not be present. I’ll send you the testing package that includes materials and instructions for providing hair and saliva samples, as well as the Clinical Appraisal form to fill out. After the remote testing, your imprint(s) will be mailed to you. (If you’re local to San Diego, we can instead do the testing in my office.)

I contacted Beth when my daughter was about 3 weeks old. We were having issues with breastfeeding and had started food elimination to see if it would help. One of the scans done on the Qest machine showed food allergies. A couple of which I had been eating daily. Eliminating these foods was a huge help on our breastfeeding journey. What an ease just to send Beth samples that she could scan and send results! I didn't have to leave the house. Total win with a fussy newborn.
 ~Victoria R

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